Civil Litigation

Do you want to start legal action against someone, or has someone sued you? Ramachandran Law will represent you in various Courts throughout Ontario to have your legal needs met. We make sure to pursue our clients’ cases to maximize success and minimize risk. We will work endlessly to help you achieve successful outcomes by being a dependable legal advisor, making sure to sort through complicated litigation loopholes and resolving underlying issues.
Offered Services:
  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Shareholder And Partnership Disputes
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Contract Disputes

Corporate Law

At Ramachandran Law, we take your business concerns seriously. Our legal team of experts will be your strategic partner to assist with reaching your business goals. We understand the challenges that clients face when it comes to managing their business; especially in this ever-changing and fast-paced business environment in today’s society. Our clients include leading companies as well as mid-sized and small private businesses and entrepreneurs. No matter how big or small the transaction, you can be sure that Ramachandran Law will be dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals.
Offered Services:
  • Buying or Selling a Business
  • Distribution and Franchise Agreements
  • Commercial Real Estate Transactions
  • Commercial Agreements & Leasing
  • Shareholder Agreements, Partnership Agreements & Joint Venture Agreements
  • Business Name Registrations & Renewals
  • General Contract Review & Drafting

Family Law

Do you want to commence an application under the Family Law Act, or are you going through family-related legal troubles? Ramachandran Law can assist you. When it comes to Family law, we understand the matters between spouses, children and relatives involve delicate counselling and the need for compassion.
Offered Services:
  • Simple Divorce
  • Separation Agreements
  • Marriage Contracts
  • Cohabitation Agreements
  • Child & Spousal Support
  • Child Custody & Child Protection
  • Family Mediation & Family Arbitration
  • Family Court Proceedings
  • Prenuptial Agreements

*We also accept Legal Aid*

Immigration Law

Today, Canadian immigration laws and procedures are constantly changing and with that, it is highly important to retain a law firm who has expertise in Immigration Law. Here at Ramachandran Law, we provide immigration solutions to clients and employers both in Canada and around the world. We provide high-quality legal advice and representation to help guide our clients through the Canadian Immigration process, in the most cost-effective and most direct route possible. We will devise the best strategy to meet your immigration goals and guide you through the immigration process.
Offered Services:
  • PR Application (Express Entry & Provincial Nominations)
  • Family Sponsorship
  • Student Visa
  • Work Permits (LMIA/OPEN/PGWP)
  • Super Visa
  • Caregiver Visa
  • Visit Visa
  • Business Visa (ICT/Investor/Start-Up)
  • Refugee Claims

Real Estate Law

Are you buying or selling or refinancing your home? Are you the midst of mortgage proceedings and need a reliable legal advisor? Here at Ramachandran Law, we offer services to satisfy all Real Estate needs; both in residential and commercial real estate.

Buying and selling a property is one of the biggest moments many of us will ever take. Whether it is buying a home or negotiating a sale of a commercial real estate property, it is important to work with a trusted law firm to ensure the transaction is run in a smoothly manner.
Offered Services:
  • Agreements of Purchase & Sale for both Residential & Commercial
  • Title Insurance

Wills & Estates

Have you ever wondered if your loved ones would rightfully get your assets and property after you pass away? Why leave it at the hands of the court when you can plan your will before you die? An estate plan, including wills and power of attorneys can protect loved ones, avoid conflicts between family members and take care of your interests. Here at Ramachandran Law, we will work closely with you to understand your priorities and design a plan that will address your concerns.
Offered Services:
  • Estate Planning
  • Wills
  • Power of Attorney for Property & Personal Care

If you believe your legal matter does not concern the practice services listed above, don’t fret! Book a consultation today and we will be more than happy to guide you in the right direction.
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