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Law Clerk

Tharsina Thurendranathan

Tharsina Thurendranathan is a Law Clerk at Ramachandran Law Professional Corporation.

She finished her Law Clerk Program at Humber and am a proud member of The Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario. She joined Ramachandran Law Professional Corporation in September 2021. Her area of expertise is Corporate, Civil Litigation and Wills and Estates. She has put her foot in the door with a little bit of Family Law. She has a few years of experience working with Small Claims. With so much in Law, her heart and passion has always been Corporate Law and most recently she has become very fond of Wills and Estates.

As a Law clerk, she assists with preparation and filing of court documents, help lawyers prepare for trials, interviews, hearing, client meetings, and support lawyers throughout the entire Litigation or Corporate transaction process.
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